Travelers visiting Dambulla city would be fascinated by the site of the cave complex which is a gathering of five caves holding magnificent statues and elegant scriptures. This historical site has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The caves consist of more than 150 Buddha and other idols. Elegantly painted walls and ceiling add more value to the historical site which represents the skills and expertise of our ancestors.
Forced to take off from Anuradhapura which was the capital city by that time by the South Indian invaders, King Valagambahu had to seek refuge. After capturing the capital again, he built a temple in the site of his refuge as his gratitude. Several things has been added up by different kings over centuries which made this location a major religious site.
Dambulla is also known for bird watching and it hosts Iron Wood Forest which is considered as the oldest garden in Sri Lanka and Rose Quartz Mountain range which is more than 500 million years old which exhibits a geological importance.