Along with a history of nearly 2500 years the tropical nation of Sri Lanka has a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, cultural heritages, lovely beaches and smoothing environmental conditions.
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Dear Guest, Rules and Regulations when Visiting Pearl Island Sri Lanka
For centuries Sri Lanka has been governed by kings and from other foreign nations, (Indians, Portuguese, Dutchmen and Englishmen) because of this matter Sri Lankan culture is more vibrant in many ways. Sri Lankans take great pride talking about their rich history which dates more than 2700 years, ago. Building magnificent castles, irrigation systems and mighty wars fought in the past. Landscape is filled with rain forests, lush mountains, and lovely waterfalls, wild life fertile soil, surrounded by natural coral reef barrier etc endless natural wonders .
Sri Lankan free health and education system encourage youngsters achieve high standards in Asia. Looking at the Literacy rate is nearly 90% in Sri Lanka when compare other Asian countries.
English is use widely spoken among the urban community in the island. This is useful fact when you in a foreign country. Sri Lankans are generally helpful, kind and curious In nature. Sri Lankan’s encourage good practise in the industry to promote the country as a tourist destination and to preserve the rich culture and heritage.
One of the key fact when you are travelling in Sri Lanka , when you are visiting places of religious value must be done in utmost care and respect ( temples and monasteries ) . You will be asked to remove your shoes, hats and to cover up the indecent clothing when entering places of worship,
You will be asked to dress cloths to cover the body properly ( Eg: If u are wearing a short trouser you will be given a cloth to cover your self which u can return at the exit) . white clothing is the formal colour of choice when entering a religious place .Tourist been advise beforehand to avoid take photos or live video images alongside Buddhist statues at religious places.
Items to avoid purchasing: Rear fauna and flora, Ivory, Coral products, Antiques and Bio products. If you purchase any item please check whether you are allowed to carry the item through the airport customs, always ask for the receipt or the relevant documents of purchase. When u you are purchasing make sure if u you are not happy with the price don’t hesitate to bargain . If you are happy with the service that been provided to you its fine to tip for the server but do it in a tasteful manner.
Sri Lankan Herbal treatments or Ayurvedhic services renowned for its healing capabilities and mind and body relaxations.
Tourist been advised to take treatments in reputed centres . Because there are unauthorized practise in the industry. Please make sure you ask the be ask the hotel or our staff stuff to recommend you to the recognized centres .
When you are showing your affection to your partner in public ( kissing, cuddling in a wrong full manner ) consider impolite to the to ourculture , please be respectful and be aware of your surroundings . Sri Lankan men and women cover there body when bathing outside nudity is not excepted among the Sri Lankan community .
Like to inform all our customers guest not to feel obliged to hand over money to beggars ,this will encourage them as well as this may fund criminal organizations in the country , You might find the hustlers, thieves trying to make unnecessary confrontations ,we would like to advice to keep your valuable belongings in a safe place and avoid or ignore them by saying No Thank you to them.
Sri Lanka is against child labour, abusing children and any kind of pedophile activity taken seriously under the country law .
When travelling to Sri Lanka carrying drugs or using drugs consider severely by the authorities. It is not authorized in any way in the country where you will be taken in to custody.
When it comes to eating most Sri Lankan don’t use cutleries, but u you can ask for cutleries from restaurants but look for the cleanliness if u you are not satisfied request for a new set . Always try to taste our local cuisine which is colorful and flavorsome . When you are ordering you can request for the amount of hot spices put into your dish to your liking. When drinking water advice to try to avoid drinking from the water taps , how ever the water purifying systems in place.
We advise you to purchase filtered water bottles from the local supermarkets. Sale of liquor and meat is prohibited at public places in Buddhist day of the month called POYA DAY which falls on every single month of the year.
When visiting safari parks make sure you obey the rules and follow the safari guide lines advise things to do and not to for your own safety .
When travelling keep your valuables in a safe location
Don’t carry large amount of cash just take enough that will make through the day or wear jewellery that put
  others attention. ?????
Recommended to take a health insurance policy before travelling to avoid and uncomfortable experience,
  because of safari and adventure events in your holiday plans.
Its good to mingle with the local crowed but don’t leave your personal details or your travel planes to others.
At night keep to the main streets, avoid poorly lit and narrow streets
Avoid talking to strangers where they will come for your help.
Never accept gifts or packages from unknown parties.
When looking for a method of transportation, look for the official marking, hotel or travel agents
Don’t accept items from locals to carry out of the country.
When exchanging money use official exchange located in the City agents.
Sri Lankan currency called Rupees ( Rs )
For Visa Fee you can pay in USD or British Pounds at the on arrival visa section in the air port.
Sri Lankan currency comes as Notes and coins.
  Notes starting with Rs 10 , 20 , 50 , 100 , 500 , 1000, 2000 and 5000
You can check the currency rate at the local banks, online or Authorise exchange agents.
Note: Credit Cards may be not excepted in local shops but in major shopping malls, hotels and some
  restaurants will except

Credit cards

  Note : Cash can be withdrawn from Bank ATM machines using your Creditcards.
Banking hours : week days 8.30AM till 15.00 PM Saturday 8.30 AM till 12.00 Midday
Temperature in lowland 27 C and in hill cities 15 C .
Humidity 65% during the day 90% at night ..
Rain fall 2500 mm up to 5000 mm centre of the country .
South West Monsoon - (May to August)North East Monsoon - (November to February)
The sea in these areas would be relatively rough during the respective monsoon seasons.
  It is our duty and responsibility to advise well as guide the Outbound traveler
  a safe journey to there native country.
  here Check out some here are some key travel tip for an easy & safe journey home .
Don't depend on the hotel wake-up calls. Make sure you also use an alarm clock or cell
  phone to set the alarm clock.
Note most of the hotel check out time set to 12 o clock , therefore please check your room before
  and pack you stuff before that time .
Always Inform the hotel if u you left any item at the departuring from the hotel to hold it until you make
  any arrangement with the hotel to collect the lost items.
Its good to check the weather conditional at your destination saw you can prepare you cloths
  that suits the to the situation
Currency exchange can be done at the airport arrival banks or currency exchange agents this will
  give you a better price- better rate than at a hotel. ?????
Keep your travel documents in a safe locations, ( Passport , medical insurance cover ,ID s , Air tickets etc ) .
  keep a copy of your passport and air ticket separate . this will be helpful Incas in case of a stolen or lost
  passport this will reduce the time of proving your identity.
  Always make sure you carry a copy of the passport or the original in case of security reasons.
Before travelling its better to conform your tickets, book your seats in advance, A meal preference in advance .
When you are a outbound passenger u youcan check ur yourflight details through Airport & Aviation Services
  (Sri Lanka) Limited web sit. Or contact the Katunayake airport information desk.
At the airport keep your passport flight details handy.
Keep some of the local currency at the airport, this might be helpful to purchase or to have a
  drink at the airport.

Its better you can put a name tag to your bag this will help u to identify your bag . misplacement of your

  luggage so that authorities can easily check and identify your lost bags . Remove all of your previous travel
  tags from the luggage after handing out your luggage to the airline keep the luggage claim ticket in a safe
  place , customs at the other end might request the ticket to check the identity of the luggage owner .
Banking hours : week days 8.30AM till 15.00 PM Saturday 8.30 AM till 12.00 Midday

Try to carry less hand luggage as possible and wear easy shoes when travelling , because of the security

  points you will be asked to remove the shoes .

Travellers been advised not to carry drugs or use drugs when travelling may be punishable by the authorities


Under new aviation guide line travels advice not to carry liquid item in your hand luggage.

Take medications alongside with prescriptions. When you are traveling abroad, don't forget to drink bottled

  water because water carries dangerous bacteria are that will damage your digestive system. Bring your own
  straws and avoid using ice cubes .use bottle water to wash your mouth and avoid drinking when you take a shower .

When arrive in a new destination local security advise to take a reputed taxi system , hotel pick up for your own safety .

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