Along with a history of nearly 2500 years the tropical nation of Sri Lanka has a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, cultural heritages, lovely beaches and smoothing environmental conditions.
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Travel with us for a memorable journey
‘Vogue Tours’ is designed to create a unique definition to the picture of traveling & leisure which has been created in your mind. To add color to your dream, to make it a live….. Vogue Tours is at your service to make your dream holiday a true experience. Out of the few recognized travel agents we are one of the authentic agents registered under Sri Lankan tourist board assuring a reliable & efficient service at each end.
We make it special for you…..each time you travel with us we let you feel the novelty of every experience. Be enchanted by the beauty of Sri Lanka……feel the smoothness of our golden beaches, listen through the darkness of misty forests, watch the soothing sunset, reveal the hidden myths in our legendary historical sites.
Visit us and get yourself opened up to many more wonders of the pearl of Indian Ocean.
Vogue Tours provides you the best of everything. Event planning, Ticket booking, accommodation, best traveling locations, transportation and many more to come. We attend to all your needs during your tour starting from Day 1 along with a warm welcome at the airport. We take the liberty of taking care of you till the day you leave providing you with the best and exclusive traveling experience.
Customize your upcoming summer vacation and add up some exiting events to suit your taste buds.
Just make it a once-in-life-time unforgettable experience……Get yourself connected with Vogue Tours.....
Explore the Amazing Island
Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean has been attracting travelers from all around the world for centuries waiting to provide you with an unforgettable experience no matter you being an intrepid traveler in hunger of excitement or a peaceful mind bearer seeking for relaxation in this blissful island.
We introduce our self as a newly established company catering your passion & need for traveling in each and every aspect to make it an experience which is authentic and truly Sri Lankan.
You will be carried away through the lushes of mountains towards the wonderful sandy beaches, exploring our ancient cities, roaming around the dark forests, tasting our tropical food…
Vogue tours is at your service starting from a warm welcome at the airport up to the time you leave, planning events, adventures, camping, safari rides, boat rides, accommodation at holiday bungalows, sensational local spa & beauty treatments, local shopping experience and many more which is all up to you to choose.
Feel the luxury of Sri Lankan hospitality….. Get the best out of each moment…….

Travel with us for a Memorable Journey....

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