A town where its history dates back to more than 7000 years, is well known for its Rock of Sigiriya which is also known as the Lion’s Rock a well planned town which consists of gardens and sanctuaries revealing the significance of great architectural traditions of the country.
The entrance to the sigiriya rock built as two massive lion paws shows the specialty of the architectural designs which has been a unique design, gives you the feeling of entering a majestic palace where the surroundings gives you evidence to picture the royals ruling the city with pride and glory.
The survived paintings are magnificent examples of classical realism of Sri Lanka. The water garden consists of water pavilions courtyards, water courses provides evidence for the luxurious life styles of the royalists. The terrace garden is carved out of a natural hill and palace garden contains various terraces and pools cut in rocks.
Sigiriya was basically established in 477AD as a fortress and palace by King Kasyapa and has been preserved since then and has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is quite a wonder to imagine that our ancestors managed to build such a massive construction up on a rock with a really sophisticated architectural value and water systems where the rock strike out 200 meters from the land.